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Standing Plan Pricing

5% + £0.49p* (Max £ 19.95 per ticket)
5% + €0.99p* (Max €24.95 per Ticket)
5% + A$0.99*
4.5% + C$0.59* (Max: C$24.95)
2.5% + $1.99* (Max: $24.95)
4% + NZ$0.49*
2.5% + S$1.99*
5% + HKD0.99*

For Event Promoters

  •   No Sign Up cost
  •   Unlimited Types of Tickets (General Admission)
  •   Sell through Entertainrr or your own website
  •   Online product Upsell
  •   Receive 100% of Face value ticket
  •   Customisable Data Capture forms
  •   Detailed Real Sales analytics
  •   Your own Account Manager
  •   Phone, Chat and email support

Premium Plan Pricing

Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing
Please contact us for pricing

For Venues, Festivals and Large promotors

  •   Everything with Standard plan, plus
  •   Registration, Seating Plans, Time-slot & Group Events
  •   One-site staffing and support
  •   Product training
  •   Cashless Payment system - online/offline
  •   Integrated membership & Loyalty schemes
  •   Custom Website development
  •   Equipment Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Product is the easiest way for teams to track their works progress. Our advance plans give you more tools to get the job done.

  • How do you the charge booking fees?

    There is no booking fees for free tickets, we charge booking fees for the paid tickets when you list the them in your account. Our system integrates with stripe payment gateway, we will ask you to open your own stripe account, and we will integrate with our system, using stripe's split payment system - you will receive the full face value of the ticket in your stripe account as ticket sales happen (Payment processing charges will be deducted from your stripe account). if you don't have stripe account, you can use our payment gateway, and we will send you funds after 48 hours post your event. please note if you use our gateway, processing payment charge will apply.

  • Can I pass booking fees to customers?

    Yes, we recommend to pass booking fees to the customers, you have options available either to pass booking to attendees or Absorb in total ticket value to customers.

  • Are there any other charge to list events?

    No, there are two types of charges, one is booking fees which is charged by us for the paid tickets, and another one is payment processing fees, if you use your stripe account, the processing fees will be charged from your stripe account, ofcourse you have option to collect it from attendees on top of booking fees.

  • Do you help in any further customisation?

    Yes, we assist our customer so that they have smooth event process, whether you need special customisation on ticket format, or any further amendments - please feel free to discuss with us, we will try our best to help you.

  • How can charge taxes on my tickets?

    Yes, you can add taxes for each type of tickets as per your requirements, and add them with the face value of the tickets to charge from your customers. It can displayed on the invoice to your customer however we are not tax advisors, we are just platform - you will need to list your tax on ticket as per your local laws.

  • Do you offer special pricing if we are charity or non-profit organisation?

    Yes, please feel to discuss with us, if you are registered as charity or non-profit organisation, we will offer our best possible pricing.

  • What are my payment processing options?

    Primarly, there are 2 methods of payment with us, either you provide us with your stripe account, or use our payment gateway, however we integrate with all major payment processing provider, please contact us and we will be able to help you with your needs.

  • What if I don’t have any website, can I sell through entertainrr?

    Ofcourse you can sell on entertainrr, if you can listed with us, you can use our logos for promotional campaign for your attendees. However if you need a custom developed website or mobile apps, we offer those services as well - please reach us as how we can help you.

  • Want's to know more - Speak to our team about your booking requirements

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